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Discover the convenience of a virtual address with Nomad Postbox. Get a permanent address for all your mail needs, and enjoy the flexibility of having your mail forwarded or scanned and emailed to you instantly.

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Get a Permanent Address for Your Mobile Lifestyle

Our Virtual Address service provides motorhomers, digital nomads, and individuals living a mobile lifestyle with a convenient and secure solution.

With a virtual address, you can have your mail forwarded to your current location or get it scanned and emailed to you instantly.

Enjoy the freedom of a mobile lifestyle without worrying about missing important mail.


Find answers to common questions about our Virtual Address service.

What is a Virtual Mailing Address?

A Virtual Mailing Address is a remote mailing address you use to receive personal or business mail, even though you don't live or work there. Your virtual address could be anywhere a third party is certified to receive your mail. PO Boxes were the first-generation virtual mailing address, which was simply a PO box rental at your local post office.

Now, the latest-generation virtual mailing addresses feature an added dimension: Digital Mailbox technology provided by companies like Nomad Postbox, that enable you to view and manage your mail and packages from anywhere using a free app or going online. That's convenience!

Why a Virtual Mailing Address is Necessary

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you need a Virtual Mailing Address:

  • Do you frequently change your residence or travel long-term?
    Avoid missing important mail and packages by having a consistent address that travels with you.
  • Do you want to avoid giving out your home address?
    Protect your privacy by using a virtual address instead of your personal home address.
  • Do you receive sensitive documents that you want to keep secure?
    Ensure important documents are handled safely and only accessible to you.
  • Do you live in an area with unreliable postal service?
    Get reliable mail handling and delivery even if your local postal service is inconsistent.
  • Do you want to access your mail while living abroad?
    Stay connected with your mail regardless of your international location.
  • Do you want a permanent address while living a nomadic lifestyle?
    Maintain a stable address even if you don't have a permanent home.
  • Are you a student moving frequently between dorms or apartments?
    Keep a consistent address for your mail without the hassle of changing it every time you move.
  • Do you dislike sorting through junk mail?
    Filter out junk mail and only receive the important items by managing your mail online.
What can I do with a Virtual Mailing Address?

Here are 10 of the many things you can do with a Virtual Mailing Address:

  1. View and manage your mail online from anywhere in the world.
  2. Forward mail to any address, when you want.
  3. From anywhere, read a PDF of mail content within a few hours of delivery.
  4. Recycle or shred unwanted mail.
  5. Securely receive packages from anyone.
  6. Maintain a consistent mailing address even when moving or traveling frequently.
  7. Protect your privacy by using a different address from your home.
  8. Receive notifications and alerts for new mail and packages.
  9. Filter and categorise your mail for better organisation.
  10. Easily manage mail for multiple businesses or personal accounts.
Who needs a Virtual Mailing Address?

Because you can view and manage your postal mail from anywhere, a virtual address is perfect for:

  • Individuals & Families who travel frequently or have a second home.
  • Students or expats who live abroad but receive mail or shop online in New Zealand.
  • Motorhome owners and others who need a secure way to receive mail and packages when they are away.
  • Home-based businesses that need an easy and affordable virtual business address to register a business, because all Nomad Postbox virtual addresses are real street addresses, not PO Boxes.

Enjoy the convenience and  freedom of a Nomad Postbox

Get a permanent virtual address and have your mail handled securely and conveniently.

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