Mail Forwarding

Our Mail Forwarding service allows you to have your mail conveniently forwarded to your current location, no matter where you are. Stay connected and receive important mail without any hassle.

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Stay Connected Anywhere with Our Mail Forwarding Service

Our Mail Forwarding service provides motorhomers, digital nomads, and individuals living a mobile lifestyle with a convenient and secure solution.

With mail forwarding, you can have your mail sent to your current location anywhere in the world or get it securely scanned and emailed to you instantly.

Enjoy the freedom of a mobile lifestyle without worrying about missing important mail.


Find answers to common questions about our Mail Forwarding service.

What is Mail Forwarding?

Mail forwarding is a service that redirects your mail from one address to another, ensuring you receive your important letters and packages no matter where you are. It’s especially useful for people who move frequently, travel often, or live abroad.

Why Use a Mail Forwarding Service?

Mail forwarding services are essential for anyone who needs reliable mail delivery without being tied to a fixed location. Here's why you might need it:

  • Frequent Travellers: Never miss important mail while you're on the go.
  • Privacy Concerns: Protect your home address by using a forwarding address.
  • Inconsistent Local Postal Service: Ensure reliable delivery even if your local service is unreliable.
  • International Access: Receive your mail anywhere in the world.
  • Nomadic Lifestyle: Maintain a stable mailing address despite frequent moves.
How Does Mail Forwarding Work?
  1. Sign Up: Register for a Nomad Postbox and get a unique virtual address.
  2. Redirect Your Mail: Change your mailing address with your postal service, businesses, and contacts to your Nomad Postbox address.
  3. Mail Processing: We receive your mail and packages at your Nomad Postbox address.
  4. Forwarding: Your mail is forwarded to your designated address as per your instructions.
What Can I Do with Mail Forwarding?
  • Receive Mail & Packages: Get your mail and packages forwarded to any address, anywhere.
  • Hold Mail: Temporarily store your mail until you're ready to receive it.
  • Consolidate Shipments: Combine multiple items into one shipment to save on postage costs.
  • International Forwarding: Send your mail to international addresses with reliable delivery.
  • Custom Scheduling: Choose when and how often your mail is forwarded.
Who Needs a Mail Forwarding Service?
  • Frequent Movers: Individuals or families that move frequently and need a stable mailing address.
  • Travellers: Those who travel for extended periods and want to stay connected with their mail.
  • Expats & Students Abroad: People living abroad who need to receive mail from their home country.
  • Businesses: Companies that require a consistent address for receiving business correspondence.
Is Mail Forwarding Secure?

Yes, our mail forwarding service is secure. We use security measures to protect your mail and personal information. Your mail is handled by professionals, ensuring it is safe and delivered accurately.

What Are the Costs Associated with Mail Forwarding?

Costs can vary depending on the plan and additional services you choose, such as package consolidation, storage, or international forwarding. Please visit our pricing page for detailed information.

Can I Forward Packages as Well as Letters?

Absolutely! Our service forwards both letters and packages to your specified address. We also provide notifications when packages are received and shipped.

How Long Does Mail Forwarding Take?

The time it takes for your mail to reach you depends on the forwarding destination and the selected shipping method. Typically, domestic forwarding takes a few days, while international forwarding can take longer based on the destination country.

Enjoy the convenience and  freedom of a Nomad Postbox

Get a permanent virtual address and have your mail handled securely and conveniently.

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